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2010 Cycling Stats

2010 Cycling Stats

2010 Cycling ChartsSince my stats are in an Excel doc, I figured I”d get some statistics together and start doing some goal setting for 2011”s race season.  Here”s the start.

NCAA Football Week 5 picks

So this week should be interesting.  I’m hoping that I can gain some traction back since I’m down about 5 or 6 games on the rest of the field.  Here goes…

Illinois   x #2 Ohio St
#1 Alabama x   #7 Florida
New Mexico St   x #3 Boise St
#4 Oregon x   #9 Stanford
Colorado St   x #5 TCU 
#8 Oklahoma   x #21 Texas
#10 Auburn x   La-Monroe
#24 Michigan St   x #11 Wisconsin
#12 LSU x   Tennessee 
Clemson   x #16 Miami
#17 Iowa x   #22 Penn St
#18 USC x   Washington
Indiana   x #19 Michigan
#23 NC State x   Virgina Tech
UNLV   x #25 Nevada
Oklahoma St x   Texas A&M
North Carolina x   East Carolina
Colorado  x   Georgia
Iowa St   x Texas Tech
Boston College   x Notre Dame
Uconn x   Vanderbilt
Minnesota x   Northwestern
Air Force x   Navy
Army   x Temple
Oregon St x   Arizona St

NCAA Football Week 3 picks

Some suprises on this week’s list.   I’m predicting upsets of Georgia over #12 Arkansas, Baylor over #4 TCU, Arizona over #9 Iowa and Notre Dame going into East Lansing and beating Michigan State.  Enjoy…

UPDATE:  Well, all my ‘upsets’ sucked dick this week.  Lost the Georgia/Arkansas game with 16 seconds left, lost the ND/MSU game in OT.  I did get Arizona right, but they almost lost it, and of course TCU kicked the shit out of Baylor.  Maybe next week…

#2 Ohio St x   Ohio
#12 Arkansas   x Georgia
#21 West Virgina x   Maryland
#20 Michigan x   Massachusetts
#22 Penn St x   Kent St
Duke   x #1 Alabama
#7 Oklahoma x   Air Force
Washington x   #8 Nebraska
#10 Florida x   Tennessee 
#11 Wisconsin x   Arizona St
Minnesota   x #18 USC
#4 TCU   x Baylor
#25 Oregon St x   Louisville
#5 Oregon x   Portland St
#13 South Carolina x   Furman
#15 LSU x   Mississippi St
#16 Auburn x   Clemson
Wyoming   x #3 Boise St
Texas Tech   x #6 Texas
New Mexico   x #14 Utah
#24 Arizona x   #9 Iowa
UCLA   x #23 Houston
#19 Stanford x   Wake Forest
North Carolina x   Georgia Tech
Michigan St   x Notre Dame

NCAA Football Week 2 picks

So this is published and everybody sees who I picked and how I did.  19-6 this week.

Mississippi St. x   #22 Auburn
Marshall   x #25 West Virgina
#12 Wisconsin x   San Jose State
Kansas   x #16 Georgia Tech
South Carolina x   #23 Georgia
#4 Florida x   South Florida
#8 Nebraska x   Idaho
#15 Pitt x   New Hampshire
#10 Virgina Tech x   James Madison
#7 Oklahoma x   #20 Florida St
#9 Iowa x   Iowa State
#2 Ohio State x   #13 Miami
#1 Alabama   x #19 Penn State
#5 Texas x   Wyoming
#6 TCU x   Tennessee Tech
Tennessee   x #11 Oregon
Louisiana-Monroe   x #17 Arkansas
Vanderbilt   x #21 LSU
#14 USC x   Virginia
Oklahoma St x   Troy
California x   Colorado
Air Force   x BYU
Notre Dame x   Michigan
UCLA   x Stanford
Cincinnati x   Indiana St
Creating a ringtone for your iPhone using iTunes

Creating a ringtone for your iPhone using iTunes

iTunesSteps that I”ve used to create your own custom ringtone for your iPhone using some features in Windows and iTunes.  This articles uses iTues, and iPhone IOS 4.01.

  1. Find a file in iTunes that you like.  Find a track and note the start time (i.e. 0:41 seconds into a song) of the song you want to start the ringtone with.
  2. Right click on the file and click “Get Info”
  3. Click options.
  4. Input the start time.
  5. Add 29 seconds to the start time and input the stop time.
  6. Once done, click ok.
  7. Right click on the same file, and click “Create AAC version”.
  8. iTunes will create/convert the file.
  9. Locate the new AAC file in your main music library.
  10. Right click on the file and select “Show in Windows explorer”.
  11. Rename the file extension from .m4a to .m4r.  This makes it a ringtone file.
  12. From Windows Explorer, drag the file into the ”Ringtones” menu on your iTunes interface (under the LIBRARY heading).
  13. Sync the ringtone with your iPhone as normal.
Collarbone update – 8 weeks

Collarbone update – 8 weeks

So as of today, I”m at 8 weeks and 1 day from the break of my right collarbone.  According to alot of stuff I”ve read, at 3 weeks or so you can resume some activities, and by about 8 weeks you should feel pretty good.  I can say that”s true.  The guidelines basically say it takes 12 weeks to heal completely, and I would say that”s probably right.  I can do 90% of the things I could do before, with some small exceptions.  I can pick things up, put my shirt on, scratch the opposite side of my body with my right arm (try reaching across behin your opposite shoulder to see what I mean) and even ride a bike (I”ve done probably 400 miles since the accident).

By 12 weeks I should be back to 100%, so we”ll see.