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Outlook 2007 Stationery Location

Outlook 2007 Stationery Location

So when I first started using Outlook years ago, I never really liked the default stationery that people used.  I’m sure some of you remember how some of these things looked.  Like this one…

Bad Outlook Stationery 1

I hated those.  So I was always a ‘text’ guy.  As the years went on, I started using a stationery.  I think it was Outlook 2000 at the time.  So from 2000 to Outlook 2003, and then Outlook 2007, and soon Outlook 2010.  I never remember the location of the .html file for the stationary.  It seems that a.) is changes with each version b.) I can never find the version information that I need at the time and c.) the directory you put it in is always hidden… thus, I’m putting the location for stationery for Outlook 2007 here so I don’t forget.


There, now I’ll remember.